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Netzsch STA
(For Operation: ASTM E 1269-05, ASTM D 3850-94, ASTM D 3418-08, ASTM E 793-06, ASTM E 1356-08; For Calibration: ASTM E 1582-04, ASTM E 967-08, ASTM E 968-02)

A Netzsch STA can be used for measuring specific heat from liquid nitrogen to 400°C, thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) from room temperature to 1500°C and specific heat/TGA (Simultaneous Thermal Analysis) from room temperature to 400°C.

The Netzsch STA differs from the other DSC's at TPRL, Inc. in that it offers the ability to do not only specific heat measurements, but also thermal gravimetric analyses and simultaneous thermal analysis (STA), which is the combination of specific heat measurements and TGA.

When measuring specific heat, the Netzsch STA operates according to the heat flux principle. Using this method, a sample and a reference are subjected to a controlled temperature program (heating, cooling or isothermal). The actual measured properties are the temperature of the sample and the temperature difference between sample and reference. From the raw data signals, the heat flow difference between sample and reference can be determined. By comparing this heat flow rate with the rate measured during the heating of a known mass of sapphire, the specific heat is calculated. The experiments are performed under computer control and specific heat is calculated in Joules/(gm K) and BTU/(lb F) (which equals Cal/(gm C) ) at the related temperature intervals. The DSC's are periodically checked by running either NIST sapphire or aluminum as a sample and the results are compared to the NIST values.

When doing a TGA, an electromagnetically compensated balance system is used to measure changes in weight.

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